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Welcome to Maths-School

A  FREE  mobile friendly website designed purely to support the learning and revision of GCSE Maths.

Whether you are learning yourself, or supporting your child - our content is designed by teachers with step-by-step instructions for GCSE revision.


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300+ lessons which all include worked examples. All give with step-by-step instructions.

These are the same lessons that are being delivered in classrooms across the country.

Who needs a teacher or a tutor???  

VIDEOS - See some of them on our YouTube channel

Talked through lessons of those given above - with simple and clear explanations, which are aimed at an appropriate level to support student understanding. 



For every lesson and video, there is a quiz to match, so that means 3000+ questions for you to practice what you have learnt.

There are also some mixed quizzes so you can check your retention of topics.

If you get this lot correct, the GCSE should be a breeze.



All the quizzes can be tracked, and progress assessed, identifying areas requiring further focus. Don't leave it to chance - check your understanding as you work towards those final exams.


ON THE MOVE (Mobile friendly content) 

The website is designed to be "mobile friendly", so you can access all our content using any mobile device, so students can log in and practice whenever they want, where-ever they are.


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Lesson Examples

Have a look at some our lessons lessons below...

Cumulative Frequency

Venn Diagrams

Equations of a line

Talkthrough Examples

We talk through all the lessons, giving you additional guidance on the content...

Direct and Inverse Proportionality

Unitary Ratios

Sine Rule

Quiz Examples

Every lesson has a matching quiz to check your understanding...


Distance Time Graphs

Angles in parallel lines