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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Virtual Learning Program over the Essential Membership?

  • The Essential Membership is self-managed and gives students access to your lessons, videos, and quizzes, but the Virtual Learning is fullly supported by experienced and qualified Maths Teachers
  • The Virtual Learning Program give students access to ongoing support from Maths Teachers, and we provide you with access to over 100+ LIVE topic, problem solving and revision content lessons throughout the year.
  • The Virtual Learning Program is monitored by teachers, and teachers provide personal feedback on progress of students (it's like a personal mentor)

Why choose Maths-School Virtual Learning Program?

  • Cost effective - Tutors charge in the region of £30 per hour for one-to-one support - which is ridiculously expensive for 1 lesson.
  • Maths-School is run by Maths teachers and by running lessons online, we can reduce the cost siginicantly of one to one tuition
  • Our FREE assessments support students identifying gaps in understanding and therefore what areas need further work.

What do students need to participate ?

  • Computer / laptop / tablet
  • A broadband / fibre optic internet connection
  • A printer is beneficial as some content is just better off printed out
  • Ideeally a headset to immerse yourself into the lesson and avoid distraction
  • Pen, calcuator and paper and any other relevant equipment
  • Most importantly - the right mindset

How do I access the lessons / program?

  • Virtual Leaning Members simply login to our website and links to LIVE Lessons and online support will be clearly found from a drop-down menu
  • Their will be a clear calendar of events on the website, and also shown on our Facebook website.
  • We will also add any "additional" LIVE learning events that you may wish to take advantage of (such as revision or lesson requests)
  • Teachers will be available regularly through online chat and LIVE sessions, and via email - so students will be fully supported throughout their time with us.

When are the LIVE lessons delivered?

  • Most lessons will be delivered at Monday to Thursday evenings as this suits most students
  • Catch up opportunities available through the week, at different times of the day, at the end of the week and at the end of every term.
  • If you are concerned, then just get in touch - we will do what we can to help, and if need be, we we can run it again.

What if I miss a lesson?

  • Lessons are recorded and posted online, so that you can easily catch up
  • The program is run by Maths Teachers, so just get in touch, and we will see what we can do to support you. 

Do you do one-to-one tutoring?

  • We don't charge by the hour like most tutors as we are here to support students by providing a program of lessons throughout the year, and this is supported by our website content or lessons, quizzes and videos. 
  • We will provide support for any student if we are available, and our teachers will make themselves available as much as possible through our LIVE CHAT function on the website. That could be considered one-to-one, but we hope that most learners will take advantage of our "time-tabled" Live content.

If I want a lesson on a specific topic not listed - can you help?

  • If we are able to schedule it in with our teachers, then yes we will do what we can to help.
  • Please use our LIVE Chat feature - all you need to do is ask, and we will do our best.
  • We are here to support you as best as much as we can

How much "revision" material do you give?

  • Revision lessons for year 11 will run during the Easter Holidays and May half term and this will be in addition to our term-time program.
  • At the end of most lessons, we also give an exam or problem solving question to help students familiarise themselves with what might come in an exam.
  • Homework and consolidation material will always be made "available" to learners, and we will follow this up, like most tutors would.
  • We offer prize draws to support and encourage further learning and this has proved popular in some of trial lessons.

Is this suitable for all secondary school ages?

  • We deliver 4 lessons per week ranging in challenge and topic.
  • All students in secondary school will benefit from at least 3 of these - that's how we've designed it
  • When we publish the full content to be delivered - we wil highlight the year groups and the level it is likely to be the most appropriate for, however, we understand that students have varying abilities, so some students in year 10 will need consolidation of material from year 7/8 - by operating it this way, we allow students to access both extension and consolidation material.

How much Homework / Practice do you give?

  • For most lessons there will be an additional resource for students to consolidate/practice.
  • Like teachers in school do, we will ask for assessments to submitted so that we can check progress and feedback to parents.

What prizes do you award?

  • We want to reward effort - like schools and teachers do. We will look be monitoring students attendance and effort, and those actively engaging will be placed into a prize draw to win Amazon gift vouchers.*