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Maths School Online learning

Maths School have thousands of questions and hundreds of lessons which have been specifically designed to support the learning, assessment and the progress of students of Maths.

These are delivered in a variety of formats to suit all needs of students

The content covers all the skills needed for GCSE Mathematics, and there are many lessons to support both lower ability and higher ability students. The content is differenetiated to support both Foundation and Higher examinations.

All the lessons are structured under the units of Geometry, Algebra, Number, and Statistics.

Step by Step content

Each topic has a detailed explanation that appears one step at a time. There are worked through example questions for the learners to follow. This allows learners to be understand the process and steps needed to learn. This is ideal for those wanting to go through things a little bit slower and look at each step in their own time.

Topic Quizzes

All Maths School quizzes have questions which align with the content being delivered to assess learners understanding. Mixed quizzes on units are available for further practice and considation

For students getting involved in our live lessons, we also offer opportunities to complete quizzes and enter prize draws

quiz example

Exam Questions and Solutions

We've added some exam questions and solutions to support additional learning to support the reasoning and problem solving side of the GCSE requirements.

Exam questions like all our topcis are grouped in units. Geometry, Algebra, Number and Stats.

In our LIVE Lessons, we also go through a worked exam question and as we approach exams, we will delivering "revision" lessons and problem solving lessons


exam quest

Live Lessons - REAL time

We're now delivering some LIVE lessons that students can engage in.

These lessons are designed to work like a classroom, so students can participate and engage

Support from teachers is available on-line during and after the lesson and we will due what we can to support your learning.

We will be conducting more of these throughout the year, with an increased amount on the run up to mocks and real exams


Maths Cloud video

We know that things evolve and change and we will continue to do our best to improve our content, making learning easier, so please, if there's any lesson/content you are unclear of  - get in touch and we'll try and put it together for you as soon as we can.

Self Paced Lessons

Example Step by Step self-paced learning...

Cumulative Frequency

Venn Diagrams

Equations of a line

Video Explanations

All GCSE topics explained with guided examples...

Direct and Inverse Proportionality

Unitary Ratios

Sine Rule

Quiz Examples

Every lesson has a matching quiz to check your understanding...


Distance Time Graphs

Angles in parallel lines

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